Worker's Compensation

Workers' Compensation insurance pays benefits to your employees if they are injured while on the job. Specifically, it covers their medical bills, a portion of lost wages, vocational rehabilitation and death benefits. As a business owner, you need a workers' compensation agent that can understand and meet your business' needs. Atlantis Insurance Agency, LLC can put together a program that will protect your company and your employees.

The companies we represent provide a number of tools and incentives to help control your workers' compensation costs, such as:
  • Safety Consultations
  • Safety Education & Training Supplies & Materials
  • Monthly & Quarterly Loss Reports with Open Claims Status
  • Loss Control Services
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Responsive Claims Management Services
  • Subrogation
  • Drug Free Work Place Credits
  • Safety Program Credits
Our carriers also offer several loss sensitive plans to qualified insureds, including Dividend Plans, Paid Loss Retro Plans, and Incurred Loss Retro Plans.

For more information on Workers' Compensation Insurance please contact us directly or even start a Free Rate Quote today.

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